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about our NH-grown christmas trees


Selecting the perfect size Christmas tree...

varney homestead large christmas treesHere are a few helpful hints for selecting your Christmas tree...

  • Our Small Christmas trees are a great fit for mobile homes or porches.
  • Our Medium Christmas trees are a good fit for smaller homes or apartments.
  • Our Large Christmas trees are best in homes with 8' or higher ceilings.
  • Remember to add in the height that your stand will add to the tree; and,
    don't forget to leave room for your tree-top ornament, too!

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varney homestead large christmas trees

All sales are cash and carry.

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How to care for your Christmas tree...

When you get your tree home:varney homestead christmas trees in alton nh

  1. Store your Christmas tree in a cool place until you're ready to set it up.
  2. Use a properly sized stand that holds at least 1 gallon of water.
  3. A thin, fresh cut will help your Christmas tree to absorb water easily.
  4. Add plenty of water after securely installing in your stand.
  5. Keep your Christmas tree away from direct sources of heat.
  6. Check the water level every day.

We recommend setting up and providing water as soon as possible after getting your tree home.  Studies have shown Christmas trees with a constant water supply can maintain fresh needles 30 days or more!

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Your complete satisfaction is our goal...

varney homestead christmas tree farm alton nhWe believe Christmas joy starts with a perfect Christmas tree!

Our most cherished Christmas memories seem to always include images of the Christmas tree decorated with ornaments both old and new and being surrounded by the happy, smiling, faces of our loved ones that are near to us and with thoughts of those those that may be far away.

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