About Our Christmas Trees

The Lincoln Douglas Fir


Varney Homestead Farm is a 270 acre property located in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire in the town of Alton.  The land has been continuously owned by the Varney family since 1790. An old hillside pasture has been planted with Christmas trees since 2006. Seed stock was obtained from a supplier in Maine for Lincoln Douglas Firs and Balsam Firs. The trees are naturally grown with just annual pruning and weed whacking growth around the trees. No herbicides, fertilizers, or pesticides are used either on the land or the trees because we believe that nature knows best how to nurture and grow strong, healthy, and beautiful trees.

The Lincoln Douglas Fir is very popular and is the most favored tree in the west. It's slower growing and creates a more natural looking Christmas tree with soft needles. Needle retention is good in warm rooms. The Balsam Fir is the most popular tree. It has a rich green color. The Balsam's needles are stiffer than the needles of the Lincoln Douglas Fir.

At this time, our Lincoln Douglas Firs are ready to begin harvesting and we look forward to our fresh cut, NH grown Christmas trees becoming a part of your families' holiday traditions.

Wishing you the very best holiday season,

Tom and LuAnne Varney

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